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For the TI-99/4A exists a current challenge.

Producing primes as much as possible in one hour. When the challenge reaches the deadline in August 1995 the source code of a very fast algorithm, possibly the fastest one, will be placed here. By now the algorithm is running in a 16 bit wide memory and is able to produce and display all primes up to

1 624 417

Same thing running on a TMS-99105 without display gave exciting timing behaviours. It was two times faster than a 80486DX-33 with an equivalent C-Program. So why change to a nightmare of processor like a 80x86?
The TI community knows why not.

A parallel computer built of 19 TI-99/4A cores

A real working parallel computer made with 19 TMS-9995 and a TMS32010, interactive programming environment under NeXT built by myself. The perfect symbiosis of TI and NeXT. This parallel computer was used for time aspects. Beside this it was used for evolving networks, ie. neural networks combined with gentic algorithms. The prime task was also implemented, but not worth to spend more than these words. The algorithm was not parallelized, so no gain in speed.

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