The TI-99/4A Cartridge List

This list is from 23 May 1995 by Bruce Tomlin (

R: Rarity (most are guesses, except for C and EC)
  EC = extremely common
  C  = common
  U  = uncommon
  R  = rare
  VR = very rare
  ER = extremely rare
C: I have the cart
I: I have the instructions
M: Company that wrote the software if not TI
  A = Addison Wesley
  B = Milton Bradley
  D = Data East
  F = Fox Video Games
  G = Sega
  I = Imagic
  K = SNK
  M = Milliken or Milliken Math Sequences
  O = Sierra On-Line
  S = Scott, Foresman
  X = Romox

Carts not manufactured by TI:

Manufacturer Part No. Name                     R C I Notes
------------ -------- ----------------------- -- - - --------------------------
Atarisoft             Centipede               VR Y Y
Atarisoft             Defender                VR Y Y
Atarisoft             Dig Dug                 VR
Atarisoft             Donkey Kong             VR Y Y
Atarisoft             Joust                   VR
Atarisoft             Jungle Hunt             VR Y Y
Atarisoft             Moon Patrol             VR Y Y
Atarisoft             Ms. Pac-Man             VR Y Y
Atarisoft             Pac-Man                 VR
Atarisoft             Picnic Paranoia         VR Y Y
Atarisoft             Pole Position           VR
Atarisoft             Protector II            VR Y Y (label says "Protector")
Atarisoft             Shamus                  VR Y Y
DataBiotics           Star Runner             ER
Funware      FW????   Ambulance               ER
Funware      FW????   Driving Demon           ER
Funware      FW1001   Henhouse                ER Y
Funware      FW1004   Rabbit Trail            ER
Imagic     1056414-1? Wing War                ER
Parker Bros.          Popeye                  ER Y Y
Parker Bros.          Q*bert                  ER Y Y
Prsnl Periph G2400    Sketch Master           ER Y Y attached to Super Sketch
                                                     graphics tablet
Romox                 Anteater                ER 
Romox                 Princess and the Frog   ER
Romox                 Typo                    ER
Scott Foresman        Multiplication 2        ER?    aka Mighty Multiplication 2
Scott Foresman 1030   Number Bowling          ER?
Scott Foresman 30118  Reading Roundup         ER?
Scott Foresman 30213  Numeration 1            ER?
Tigervision           Espial                  ER     plugs into expansion port
Tigervision           Miner 2049er            ER Y   plugs into expansion port
Triton                4A Flyer                ER
Triton                Great Word Race         ER
Unknown               Chicken Coop            ER

* Some of the TI manufactured Imagic carts may also have been manufactured
  by Imagic

Carts that may have been manufactured by TI:

Imagic                Demon Attack            ER
MicroFat              Computer War            ER
Sega                  Congo Bongo             ER
Sega                  Buck Rogers             ER

Carts manufactured by TI:

M Part No. Name                          R C I Notes
- -------- ---------------------------- -- - - --------------------------------
  PHM3041  Adventure                     U Y Y req games on cassette
M PHM3090  Addition                      R Y
  PHM3027  Addition and Subtraction I    R
  PHM3028  Addition and Subtraction II   R   Y
  PHM3056  Alpiner                       R Y Y
  PHM3114  Alligator Mix                 R Y
  PHM3115  Alien Addition                R Y
  PHM3030  A-Maze-ing                    R Y
B PHM3033  Blackjack and Poker           R Y
B PHM3032  Blasto                        U Y Y
  PHM3003  Beginning Grammar             U Y Y
  PHM3066  Buchungsjournal              VR
D PHM3223  Burgertime                    R Y
  PHM3054  Car Wars                      C Y Y
  PHM3038  Connect Four                  R     (by Milton Bradley)
  PHM3110  Chisolm Trail                 U Y
  PHM3159  Choplifter                    R     (by Broderbund)
A PHM30??  Computer Math Games I         R
A PHM3083  Computer Math Games II        R Y
A PHM308?  Computer Math Games III       R
A PHM308?  Computer Math Games IV        R
A PHM308?  Computer Math Games V         R
A PHM3088  Computer Math Games VI        R Y
  PHM3001  Dealer Demonstration?        ER
M PHM3096  Decimals                      R Y
  PHM3116  Demolition Division           R Y
  PHM3000  Diagnostic Tests? (for 99/4) ER
  PHM3019  Disk Manager                  R
  PHM3089  Disk Manager 2                R
M PHM3093  Division                      R Y
S PHM3049  Division I                    R Y
  PHM3117  Dragon Mix                    R
  PHM3002  Early Learning Fun            U Y Y
S PHM3015  Early Reading                 R Y
  PHM3055  Editor / Assembler            R
  PHM3100  Equations                     R Y
  PHM3177  Facemaker                     R
I PHM3222  Fathom                        R Y
  PHM3009  Football                      R R Y
M PHM3095  Fractional Numbers            U Y Y
B PHM3037  Hangman                       R Y
  PHM3215  Hide and Seek                 R
  PHM3006  Home Financial Decisions     EC Y Y
  PHM3229  Hopper                        R
  PHM3007  Household Budget Management  EC Y
  PHM3023  Hunt the Wumpus               C Y Y
B PHM3034  Hustle                        R
B PHM3155  I'm Hiding (speech)           R Y   req MB pad?
  PHM3024  Indoor Soccer                 R Y Y
O PHM3194  Jawbreaker II                 R Y Y
M PHM3099  Laws of Arithmetic            R Y
F PHM3158  M*A*S*H                       R Y Y
  PHM????  Measurement Formulas          R
  PHM3119  Meteor Multiplication         R Y  
I PHM3220  Microsurgeon                  R Y
  PHM3113  Microsoft Multiplan           R
  PHM3094  Milliken Integers             R
  PHM3025  Mind Challengers              R
  PHM3058  Mini Memory                   R Y   2x6116 + ROM + lithium cell
  PHM3118  Minus Mission                 R Y  
  PHM3115  Mission "Plus"                R
I PHM3224  Moonsweeper                   R Y Y
  PHM3131  Moon Mine                     R Y Y
M PHM3092  Multiplication                R Y
S PHM3029  Multiplication 1              R   Y
  PHM3057  Munch Man                     C Y Y
  PHM????  Munch Man II                  C Y Y
K PHM3146  Munchmobile                   R Y
  PHM3020  Music Maker                   R
  PHM3004  Number Magic                  U Y
M PHM????  Number Readiness              R Y   no PHM number on label!
M PHM3094  Number Readiness Sequence?    R
S PHM3050  Numeration I                  R
S PHM3051  Numeration II                 R
  PHM3067  Othello                       R Y
  PHM3112  Parsec                        C Y Y
M PHM3097  Percents                      R Y Y
  PHM3022  Personal Real Estate          R Y
  PHM3013  Personal Record Keeping      EC Y Y
  PHM3044  Personal Report Generator     R Y
  PHM3010  Physical Fitness              R Y
S PHM3043  Reading Fun                   R Y Y
S PHM3082  Reading Flight                R Y
S PHM3048  Reading Rally                 R
  PHM3047  Reading Roundup               R
  PHM3189  Return to Pirate's Isle      VR     (by Scott Adams)
  PHM3012  Securities Analysis           R
  PHM3150  Sewermania                    R
  PHM30??  Scholastic Spelling Level 1   R     (by Scholastic)
  PHM30??  Scholastic Spelling Level 2   R     (by Scholastic)
  PHM3059  Scholastic Spelling Level 3   R Y   (by Scholastic)
  PHM3060  Scholastic Spelling Level 4   R     (by Scholastic)
  PHM3061? Scholastic Spelling Level 5   R     (by Scholastic)
  PHM3062  Scholastic Spelling Level 6   R     (by Scholastic)
  PHM3212  Scrabble                      R
  PHM3197  Slymoids                      R
  PHM3045  SMU Electrical Engineering   VR?    (by Southern Methodist Univ.)
  PHM3145  Sneggit                       R Y Y
B PHM3149  Space Bandits                 R     speech, req MB pad?
  PHM3011  Speech Editor                 R
G PHM3225  Star Trek                     R Y Y
  PHM3014  Statistics                    R
  PHM3178  Story Machine                 R
M PHM3091  Subtraction                   R Y
I PHM3219  Super Demon Attack            R Y Y
  PHM3016  Tax/Investment Record Keeping R
  PHM3035  Terminal Emulator II          R Y
B PHM3031  The Attack                    U Y Y
  PHM3213  TI-Calc                       R     (by Bond Associates Ltd.)
  PHM3026  TI Extended BASIC             U Y Y
  PHM3053  TI Invaders                   C Y Y
  PHM3040  TI Logo                       R
  PHM3109  TI Logo II                    R
  PHM3111  TI-Writer                     R
  PHM3052  Tombstone City                U Y Y color label subtitled:
                                                  "in the 21st Century"
  PHM3064  Touch Typing Tutor            U Y
  PHM3042  Tunnels of Doom               R Y Y req games on cassette
  PHM3008  Video Chess                   R Y
  PHM3018  Video Games I                 R
  PHM3005  Video Graphs                  R Y
  PH?????  Voice Synthesizer             U Y
  PHM3021  Weight & Nutrition            R
  PHM3169  Word Invasion                 R
  PHM3185  Word Radar                    R
B PHM3039  Yahtzee                       R   Y
  PHM3214  Zahlenjagd                   VR
B PHM3036  Zero Zap                      R Y Y

TI Carts listed by PHM number:

PHM3000   Diagnostic Tests? (for 99/4)
PHM3001   Dealer Demonstration?
PHM3002   Early Learning Fun
PHM3003   Beginning Grammar
PHM3004   Number Magic
PHM3005   Video Graphs
PHM3006   Home Financial Decisions
PHM3007   Household Budget Management
PHM3008   Video Chess
PHM3009   Football
PHM3010   Physical Fitness
PHM3011   Speech Editor
PHM3012   Securities Analysis
PHM3013   Personal Record Keeping
PHM3014   Statistics
PHM3015   Early Reading
PHM3016   Tax/Investment Record Keeping
PHM3018   Video Games I
PHM3019   Disk Manager
PHM3020   Music Maker
PHM3021   Weight & Nutrition
PHM3022   Personal Real Estate
PHM3023   Hunt the Wumpus
PHM3024   Indoor Soccer
PHM3025   Mind Challengers
PHM3026   TI Extended BASIC
PHM3027   Addition and Subtraction I
PHM3028   Addition and Subtraction II
PHM3029   Multiplication 1
PHM3030   A-Maze-ing
PHM3031   The Attack
PHM3032   Blasto
PHM3033   Blackjack and Poker
PHM3034   Hustle
PHM3035   Terminal Emulator II
PHM3036   Zero Zap
PHM3037   Hangman
PHM3038   Connect Four
PHM3039   Yahtzee
PHM3040   TI Logo
PHM3041   Adventure
PHM3042   Tunnels of Doom
PHM3043   Reading Fun
PHM3044   Personal Report Generator
PHM3045   SMU Electrical Engineering Library
PHM3047   Reading Roundup
PHM3048   Reading Rally
PHM3049   Division I
PHM3050   Numeration I
PHM3051   Numeration II
PHM3052   Tombstone City
PHM3052   Tombstone City in the 21st Century
PHM3053   TI Invaders
PHM3054   Car Wars
PHM3055   Editor / Assembler
PHM3056   Alpiner
PHM3057   Munch Man
PHM3058   Mini Memory
PHM3059   Scholastic Spelling Level 3
PHM3060   Scholastic Spelling Level 4
PHM3061?  Scholastic Spelling Level 5
PHM3062   Scholastic Spelling Level 6
PHM3064   Touch Typing Tutor
PHM3066   Buchungsjournal
PHM3067   Othello
PHM30??   Computer Math Games I
PHM3082   Reading Flight
PHM3083   Computer Math Games II
PHM308?   Computer Math Games III
PHM308?   Computer Math Games IV
PHM308?   Computer Math Games V
PHM3088   Computer Math Games VI
PHM3089   Disk Manager 2
PHM3090   Addition
PHM3091   Subtraction
PHM3092   Multiplication
PHM3093   Division
PHM3094   Number Readiness Sequence
PHM3094   Milliken Integers
PHM3095   Fractional Numbers
PHM3096   Decimals
PHM3097   Percents
PHM3099   Laws of Arithmetic
PHM3100   Equations
PHM3109   TI Logo II
PHM3110   Chisolm Trail
PHM3111   TI-Writer
PHM3112   Parsec
PHM3113   Microsoft Multiplan
PHM3114   Alligator Mix
PHM3115   Alien Addition
PHM3115   Mission "Plus"
PHM3116   Demolition Division
PHM3117   Dragon Mix
PHM3118   Minus Mission
PHM3119   Meteor Multiplication
PHM3131   Moon Mine
PHM3145   Sneggit
PHM3146   Munchmobile
PHM3149   Space Bandits
PHM3150   Sewermania
PHM3155   I'm Hiding
PHM3158   M*A*S*H
PHM3159   Choplifter
PHM3169   Word Invasion
PHM3177   Facemaker
PHM3178   Story Machine
PHM3185   Word Radar
PHM3189   Return to Pirate's Isle
PHM3194   Jawbreaker II
PHM3197   Slymoids
PHM3212   Scrabble
PHM3213   TI-Calc
PHM3214   Zahlenjagd
PHM3215   Hide and Seek
PHM3219   Super Demon Attack
PHM3220   Microsurgeon
PHM3222   Fathom
PHM3223   BurgerTime
PHM3224   Moonsweeper
PHM3225   Star Trek
PHM3229   Hopper
PHM30??   Scholastic Spelling Level 1
PHM30??   Scholastic Spelling Level 2
PHM????   Measurement Formulas
PHM????   Munch Man II
PHM????   Number Readiness

Tapes for PHM3041 Adventure:
  PHT6043 Pirate Adventure
  PHT6046 Adventureland
  PHT6047 Mission Impossible
  PHT6048 Voodoo Castle
  PHT6049 The Count
  PHT6050 Strange Odyssey
  PHT6051 Mystery Fun House
  PHT6052 Pyramid of Doom
  PHT6053 Ghost Town
  PHT6054 Savage Island Series
  PHT6056 The Golden Voyage
  (any disk part numbers?)

Tapes/disks for PHM3042 Tunnels of Doom:
  (looking for this info)


The manual part number can be found in the lower righthand corner of the
back cover of TI manuals.  Atarisoft and Parker Brothers put no part
numbers on either their carts or manuals.

   1037109-xx    PHM30xx   Gray and theme-color stripes, simple pictures
   1053590-y0xx  PHM3yxx   Blue and theme-color stripes, "action" pictures

Parker Brothers:
   Gray cover, same size as TI manuals.

   Small white cover, single folded sheet.
   Large (TI sized) white cover, single folded sheet.
   Large (TI sized) checkerboard cover, single folded sheet.


Most TI 99/4A cartridge boxes I've seen are pretty generic, and depend on
the manual showing through the front to identify the cart inside.  They
don't seem very collectible.  On the other hand, boxes to cartridges not
manufactured by TI are most likely to be collectible.

Label variations:
   Black cart, black label
   Black cart, color label
   Beige cart, black label (rarest)
   Beige cart, transitional label (rare)
   Beige cart, color label

(Note: I'm not counting minute variations, such as size of letters.)

There are basically two kinds of carts and two kinds of labels for TI
manufactured carts.  Carts are either black or white (actually beige),
to match the two versions of the TI 99/4A.  The black carts are the earlier

The labels are usually either black, with the TI logo on the left, and the
title in sans-serif red letters, or colored, with the title in almost any
typeface.  The title on a color label almost always in yellow, no matter
what the color of the label.

The label theme-colors are:
   Red (games)
   Green (math)
   Blue (educational, and also TI basic)
   Gray (utility and home, sometimes a very light purple)

There is also a "transitional" label, which is arranged like a black label,
except that the label is green with yellow letters.  (I don't know if there
are any non-green transitional labels.)  I've also seen a gray transitional
label (PHM3044), but it might have faded.

The manuals have simlilar old/new style variations, but a cart may be
packaged with a different manual variation.

Atarisoft carts have a very strange shape, and are black with silver labels.
They look something like this, where #### is the (silver) label:

Parker Brothers carts are roughly the same shape and size as TI carts, except
that the handle end is tapered off as though they sawed a TI and an Atari
5200 cart in two, and glued the 5200 cart's end to the TI cart.  The labels
are aqua colored, and are usually just as damaged as any other Parker
Brothers labels.

Funware carts look like standard TI carts, except "FUNWARE, INC." is molded
into the plastic, and the label wraps around the edge with the Funware logo
showing on top.

Miner 2049er (Tigervision) plugs into the expansion port (!), and has a
little foot to support the cartridge.  It is white (not beige).


© Dr. Henry Koplien