The TI-99/4A Mailing List

This list is from 19th of September 1995 by Tom Wills (

The second edition

The listing is setup so that the internet address is first followed by the name of the addressee in parenthesis. You will note that there are TIers from Europe and Australia. Germany addresses end with a DU, Denmark addresses end in DK, Australia addresses end in AU, United States end in US or nothing at all. I have tried to alphabetize the list based on the user last name. No promises that it is 100% accurate.

I was going to just send updates to the list, but time has gotten away from
me due to a host of reasons, so I'm sending the complete listing. There are
some new names and some address changes, like my address. So let's just
consider this the "second edition" of the TI Internet Mailing List.

===========================================================================  (R. Akins)  (Bruno Skjold Andersen)  (Oliver Arnold)  (Vincent Begiers)
dd314@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Glenn W. Bernasek)  (Gary D. Bishop)  (Chris Bobbitt)  (Barry Boone)  (Gary Bowser)  (Eric Bray)  (Mike Brent)  (TI-Brisbane User Group)  (John Briscoe)  (Jeffrey Brown)  (Audrey Bucher)  (John Bull)  (Sam Carey)  (James Cavanaugh)
dmclark@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU  (David Michael Clark)  (Jerry Coffey)  (Gary Cox)  (Tony D'Alfonso) (Judy Dehaney)  (Warburg, Dierk)  (Mike Doane) (Lucie Dorais)  (Dan H. Eicher)  (Steve Eggers)  (Andy Frueh)  (Ron Gerut)  (Rich Gilberson)  (Ken Gilliland)
rdg@po.CWRU.Edu (Robert D. Gilpin)  (Charles Good)  (Steve Hayter)  (Curt Heckert)
cz429@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Harrison W. Hoffman)  (Hulpke, Alexander) (Tom Jakabfy)  (John C. Johnson)  (Greg Klein)  (Greg Knightes)  (John Koloen - MICROpendium)  (Henry Koplien)  (Markus Kraemer)  (Chaim Kram)  (Jim Krych)  (Gary Kuehn)  (Jim Lanman)  (Michael Leighty) (Richard A Link) (Bill Lucid)  (Peter Mac Leod)  (Dean Mah)  (Donald L. Mahler)  (BJ Mathis)  (Tony McGovern)  (Roland Meier)  (Beery Miller)  (Don O'Neil)  (David Nieters)  (Norm Nithman)  (Thierry Nouspikel) (Erik G. Olson)
dlormand@CCGATE.HAC.COM  (David Ormand)  (O. Pepper)  (Mary P. Phillips)  (Tracy R. Reed)  (Jim Reiss)  (Lee Renda)  (Bruce Rodenkirch)  (Joerg Rottland)  (Tom Sandborn)  (Arne Schultz)  (Jeffery Sheldon)  (Deanna Sheridan)  (Jesse Slicer)  (Shirley Slicer)  (Howard Slomer)  (Brian Snider)  (Brad Snyder)  (Eunice Spooner)  (Burke Squires)  (Craig Stogran)	 (Edward Swartz)  (Jim Swedlow)  (Gary Taylor)  (Tim Tesch)  (Larry Tippett)  (David Tipton)  (Phil Townsend)
GENIAL.AL@GENIE.GEIS.COM  (Barry Traver)  (Geoff Trott)  (Dee Turner)  (George Underwood) (Mark van Coppenolle)  (R. Vollar) (Andrew Webster)  (Cheryl "Regena" Whitelaw)  (Tom Wills)  (Kent Wilson)  (Winfried Winkler)  (Mike Wright)  (Chester A. Wright Jr.)  (Michael Zapf)

Okay, so that you have all these addresses, how do you send messages from
one service to the other? Read the following. But, be aware that I've only
included Compuserve, Delphi, GEnie, and internet. Services such as MCI, BIX,
Prodigy, and American On-line are not included in the following examples.

     TO Delphi    : > 
        Genie     : >
        Internet  : >internet:username@internet.domain

     TO Compuserve: internet"user numeric"
        Genie     : internet""
        Internet  : internet"username@internet.domain"

     TO Compuserve:
        Delphi    :
        Internet  : username@internet.domain@int#

     TO Compuserve:
        Delphi    :
        Genie     :

When using the Compuserve ID number, substitute a period for the comma. For
example, if you were to send a message to me on Compuserve (my id is
71550,3213), you would send a message to me as 

When sending message to the internet from Compuserve, if you are using
Wincim or Doscim, omit the ">" from the address. 

If a user has more than one address, which is not all the uncommon (I
actually have four), and one of them is a Compuserve address, use a
non-Compuserve address unless the user says otherwise. The reason for this
is that Compuserve charges the small fee for receiving internet mail. There
is no charge for sending internet mail.

I have tried to verify all the addresses listed above. This was done by
sending messages to all the addresses I was able to locate. I did not get
replies from all the users in the list, but neither did any of the addresses
reject. Some of the addressees listed above may not access their mail very
often, and replies will be very slow at coming. Also, some addresses may
become obsolete as the addressee drops that service provider and goes to
another service. I will try to keep the list as current as is humanly possible.

If anyone changes their mind and no longer wishes to be on the mailing list,
please let me know as soon as possible.

If there are any changes to the above address list, or someone wants to add
their name to the list, please contact me at or Include your internet mailing address along with your first
and last name, or that of someone who you know who also wants to be on the

Thanks to all who have given me their address. I hope this proves to be a
really good way, and cheap way, for TIers to keep in touch with each other.
I put no claims on this list, which means you can use it as you want. Things
likes TI Fair announcements would be an example. But, please, do not abuse
this listing.

Until the next update, keep TI'ing!

Tom Wills


© Dr. Henry Koplien