Marvellous NeXT P4-Hardware


This server is probably one of the most powerful NeXT-Stations ever built (because everything is working!). See below why.

Simply outperforms a old NeXT by more than 300 times in floating point operations. You will also notice that the IBM discs were replaced by Seagates. Well, Seagates are simply faster, dissipates less heat and are much quiter than the IBMs. You will also ask why the hell 36GB? It's quite simple, I want to let the decision open to use OpenStep, where I can make use of 4GB per partition seven times (->28GB) instead of 2GB only.

Take a look inside, on top DVD-ROM followed by DDS-4 and CD writer. Beneath ZIP drive, Floppy drive, and two 36GB hard disks:

At the right bottom the remaining 36GB disks, on the left some PCI's, ISA's and AGP graphic. :-):

The last disk on the bottom is an IDE drive, but not used with the NeXT. It is just for evaluation purposes under Windows XP together with the PVR-350, shame on me...

© Dr. Henry Koplien