Archery Vita

Achers Life
The archers life in one chart from the cradle to the grave...

And yes, I am on my way closing the gap to the red line.
If You ever ask how good are the big boys, Reo Wilde or Braden Gellenthien had approx. 3.3 MOA at their world records, what is the limit of a Hooter Shooter.

Markable Points with Things an Archer Likes to Miss

203 points...
First local district competition 2009 (but season 2010), with astonishing 203 points... f***
* Recurve, the early time
  • Started in June 2009 with archery, lucky if hitting the butt anywhere (not the target)
  • Competition participated only indoor with this 203 points (2 x 30) disaster
  • Decided to switch to Compound if being able to shoot 250 out of 300 within 10m on a 40cm target face
* Compound times
  • Started in May 2010 with a used Martin RazorX after taking this 250 points barrier in Recurve
  • These first arrows were also somehow anywhere, remember the first picture at the start? YUP, this was the first Compound shot, the target is out of sight
  • Made good progress, even after two weeks in May I made 485 out of 720 (70m) at a district competition
  • One year after the first district competition in Recurve I started now in the Compound class with 515 indoor
  • Qualified in the same year for participating the state events with 627 FITA with first place at the district event
  • Also qualified the next year 2011 for the indoor state events with 555 (being second, beaten by my team mate)
  • Switched to a brand new OK DST36 in December 2011
  • Payed a fortune for arrows with tungsten points (but hey, they work!)
  • Made unbelievable good progress, but was terminated due to regulations of the tournaments not participating an event caused by work
  • Bottom line, in 2011 I had the form and fitness reaching the limits for the country events, but was hindered by work
  • Decided in 2012 not to take the tournament too serious, because all country events took place 800km far away
  • Scored continuously better, but ended in August 2013 with target panic after even not hitting a couple of times the butt with a too long center string
  • Afterwards I gave target free exercises with 2500-3000 arrows a chance to come by the target panic
  • Must recognized it did not work after shooting on a target face again
  • Taken the next approach with a new release to overcome my dumb brain ware
  • Finally ranked in the German All Times Best for a big FITA #63 in 2013 (also taken the 1300 barrier) before I entered the target panic
  • 2014 will become the year...

The Year 2014 Started!

Perfect shots...
Only good Tens (inside the X)! Go ahead...
* The Indoor Season
  • The first club event was 10 points below the country event limit after shooting the fourth time the new release
  • Scored in the back yard 290 and 289, which is 10+ points above the limit, being on track
  • District event to come and I am willing to win, but became second as last year with 550, enough for the next step...
  • Rehearsal two weeks before was more in the comfort-zone with 553
  • 26th of January will become the obstacle (570) to overcome at the state competition
  • Did not manage to make it, finally came out with 555 which is the middle of my comfort zone and 12 points below the target with 59 hits in the gold.
    Anyway, the first five warm-up sets were in the desired range (143) and seem very promising for the summer!
  • Last event indoor was a 30m/50m competition (553 points) with a horrible first round, but became more focused in the competition and scored the last 6 arrows X/X/X/10/10/10
* The Outdoor Season
  • The next event to come is a 900 round... goal is 860, but ended up with 849, with an embarrassing third round, letting 8 points

    900er Event

    2nd place...
    Successful team, one first and two second places

  • Next stage is the club event not really taking this one too serious, because 600 points will be sufficient to enter the next level, and I made 631...
  • More serious one is the big FITA state competition on 29th of May, should reach 1300 for the german nationals
    Resume, we had nasty gusts in the beginning at 90m, what made it difficult to come into the match, even with no settings for 90m before and a back-tension. I also had one bad gust in the last set of 70m so I ended with 1274. This is 20++ over the limit of the last year, but it is no guarantee for enter the german nationals in August.
  • WA-District event to come on 15th of June, having 620 points in mind to be sufficient for the state event and I made a 625 with a M, because the release fired while I put down the bow at full draw. My fault, but no problem at all. I haven't taken the competition too serious, I had a new blade for the rest and different arrows I normally never use, so it was more a material check since I was sure to reach a 620 (having the last year limit of 580 in mind). In the meantime the contestants are defined, and as predicted I am one of the grid
  • My next event on 29th of June is more a fun event starting as a Master Men in the Women group :-), hey I love this... Anyway, beside the fact being cock of the walk my team mate on the picture before in the middle will show me how to shoot. Will be fun and I try to reach the golden FITA patch my team mate already has, which is 1350. Must confess one week later, useless to say it not worked out this way, it rained cats and dogs half the day. Sorry for having no pics, I shot in a rain suit for motorcycles, was a must have seen, -archers from outer space. The second half was OK, and I performed fine at 50m. Doing this two times next week at the state competition would be enough for the german national limit. 30m was also in my comfort zone, so I ended up with 1295, beeing third.
  • One week later the disaster strikes back... Murphy is everywhere, and I hate this guy.
    Was unable to put pressure on my bow arm, had no draw force, nothing fit. I started with my 60lbs DST36 to recognize this will not work under any condition. Switched to my 50lbs RazorX, felt not really better, and I behaved shitty as before. Shot three misses(!) in the first round, started the second round in the first set with two Ms, and also missed in the second set two times the target even with one arrow not hitting the but. This was the final stake for me to abort the competition. I was totally fu**ed up. This was the first competition I aborted, -not my way to behave. At home again I shot 100 arrows to come by my miscondition, isolated the point that was completely out of order... (Pics of the competition will possibly follow)
  • Last chance for the planned participation will be the german nationals on 16th/17th of August, the big FITA. Qualification is not yet available, so I have to wait and fix my deficiency in the meantime. -Well, meantime is over and deficiency is fixed, but I did not made it :-P I am the first to move up if someone quits. Missing only four points with 144 arrows to the defined goal of the season. This was pretty close.
  • Hands down, chapter closed.

    New Challenges

    2nd place...
    Winners always stay... (the guy to my right also missed the German Nationals with five points)

* Stop!
  • This would be too easy... I moved up one month before competition and participated the German Nationals 2014 for a big FITA.

    Mission Accomplished!

    Mission Accomplished
    Third round 50m with no settings due to a fresh center string

  • Since I was ranked at the end of the pack in the competition on the starting grid, I became only #10 out of 13 contestants from registered 16, what is more than I expected, I passed three guys! My goal was to participate, -this was fulfilled. Only thing to remark is, I was forced to switch the center string half way through, because the middle was damaged and I was unable to continue with this string. The center part was broken one day before and I thought I can manage the competition, but the string did not last long enough. Strands were broken (Remember? A 16-strand...) after the half, so I switched to the indoor string, with different poundage, settings etc. not suitable for outdoor, -hell on earth. So I ended with a rainy 301(90m)/321(70m) with twisting the peep before every shot to see at least something, and dived in a 312(50m)/347(30m) with a new string, built for indoor and no settings. Fun is spelled differently. Just for sanity, my comfort zone is approx. 310-315/325-330/325-330/345-350 to give an idea how it can be under good conditions. I already made my lessons learned, -center string will be changed before a competition, even if it is older than 10.000+ shots. Anyway, rank #10 under this circumstances is OK!

    Honor For The Medalists

    Medalists German Nationals
    Sorry, without me! Maybe next time...

* Season 2014 Wrap-Up
  • To reach this goal I shot close to 22000 arrows this year
  • Trashed more than a dozen X7 2315 with robins etc.
  • Also needed three dozens noks for X10s due to robins, but only one arrow broken!
  • Shot four Danage cores to dust
  • Used three center strings

    Five Surviving Strands

    Strands that withstand
    Things not needed in a national competition

  • Had a couple of holes in my car port (the safety to my neighbor), because the Danage core was outworn
  • Had a couple of holes in my entrance door (indoor season at its best...) due to the same reason
  • Participated at thirteen competitions (slightly more than one per month)
  • Physical:
    • Made 180 hours exercises for staying power
    • Summed up 120 hours for strength in the Gym
    • Had more than 65 hours exercises for coordination
    • Needed more than 350 hours for shooting the 22000 arrows
    • This results in 2 hours exercises per day, every f***ing day in the year, with no excuses!

    Physical effort split in Indoor and Outdoor

    Arrows Shot 2014

    2nd place...
    Arrows per week in contrast to a pro plan(red)

    The right half is the Indoor season, the left part the Outdoor season. This may be a little bit confusing, because the season starts in autumn and the depicted chart goes like a normal year. Peaks are usually holidays, gaps are work for a living, bad weather if outdoor, etc.

  • Now this chapter is really closed :-)
    ...and hey guys, I decided to stay in archery starting with a training session together with Martin Damsbo in October.

    Martin Damsbo
    Was a great day with a great coach, thanks to Martin (& Erika)!

First Sets in Season 2015

Perfect shots...
...with a good start hitting the same holes
* The Indoor Season is Running
  • Changed the arrows to the brand new Easton Triumph, because all my X7 2315 were bent, -good decision!
  • The first club event was 9 points below the national limit and way beyond the limit for the next level
  • The district event was 10 points below the national limit (after a nasty christmas party the day before with only some hours of sleep). Nevertheless I managed the needed limit (~550) for the up-coming stage with the brand new Easton Triumphs and no settings as usual in the beginning, I need to change something...
  • As last year a rehearsal will take place in January, stay tuned -> Became #4 with a couple of contestants, scored 555
  • Forecast, 25th of January the state competition will take place, regardless if reaching the national limit or not, I will not participate, because the competition is too far away
  • Indoor season will end here
* The Outdoor Season
  • The preparation for the club event was pretty good, scored 650 in a pre-shoot for my team mate (this is three rings above the national limit of 2013)
  • The real club event one week later was more or less annoying due to a lack of motivation, made 589 (YUP shame on me)
  • The district event was very windy with a total of 612 and two Ms, but should be sufficient for the next level
  • In between I had a state competition for a big FITA, became 3rd, and easily managed the national limit, but I am hindered by a private event to participate the nationals in August
  • The state competition was somehow nasty, because I was in a clinch with my Honey-Do in the warm-up, letting me instantly switch to my trigger release, yes the gold panic one... Anyway, I was cool enough shooting 72 arrows with this release (I am astonished!) and made 648, became fifth.
* Season 2015 Wrap-Up
  • Season was fine, because no targets were defined to reach
  • Made the limit for a national big FITA, but can not participate
  • Was one ring above the outdoor limit of 2013 for a national participation (limits are not out yet, but I am not willing to participate)
  • Had a personal record outdoor in a pre-shoot
  • Since no further competitions will take place (July!) I will use my spare time waiting for/shooting the new HBX :-)

(last modification: 12th July 2015)